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Making Notes


Campaign Planning & Management

  • We have experience building campaign infrastructures from the ground up. Whether it's your first campaign or you've been in public service for years, we can make sure your campaign is set up for success. We work with candidates on everything from setting up their committees to managing budgets to managing staff to reach your goals.


  • Creating a smart budget and sticking to it is key to success, whether you're a business or a political campaign. We can help you maximize even the tightest budgets so that you can reach and exceed your goals. We provide advice and train your team on best practices to keep you on track.

Communications & Social Media Planning

  • Our team can help you come up with a strategy to build your brand, spread your message effectively, and help you understand the latest trends to keep you at the top of your game. From press outreach to message calendars, we'll help you roll out a communications strategy that helps voters or consumers understand what you're all about.

Nonprofit & Advocacy Planning

  • We understand how tough the nonprofit and advocacy world can be. We have years of direct and indirect experience working with organizations who have small budgets and limited staff capacity, but want to make a big splash. Our plans will help you capitalize on your strengths and plug the gaps created by your weaknesses.

Event Planning

  • Planning for events both large and small can be stressful. Let us help take on some of the logistical burden so that you can put on a great event. Whether it's a fundraiser, a gala, or just a team retreat, we can make sure all the details are handled so that you can focus on your goals for each event.

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