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Finance Planning

  • Having concrete goals and understanding your progress at any given moment is key to maintaining your budget and making sure your overall strategy plan has the funds to keep moving forward. We'll work with you to help you understand your current funding, where you can get additional funding, and what systems you can put in place to make sure it happens. From raise goals to prospect research to cash flow projections, we'll help you through it.


  • Navigating the complex bureaucracy of the Campaign Finance Board and the Board of Elections when it comes to campaign finance can be challenging at best and downright overwhelming at worst. We have experience in helping candidates set up and maintain their committees with the appropriate entity, creating internal systems to ensure a high level of data accuracy, training candidates and treasurers on tracking and filing best practices, and even helping candidates fix campaign finance filing disasters created by those less experienced.

Donor Prospecting

  • Figuring out where to go next when your fundraising leads dry up can be tough, but we'll help expand your fundraising abilities by developing lists of potential donors that match your campaign or organization. We can also develop wealth scores and giving propensity scores to help you prioritize your leads.

Digital & Text Fundraising

  • Supplementing your phone calls, donor meetings, and printed or mailed materials is key to having a well rounded and comprehensive fundraising strategy. We'll work with you to develop digital platforms of emails, texts, and targeted digital ads to help drive small dollar contributions to you.

Database & Pledge Management

  • Having a central place to store your donor and prospect data is so important to the success of a fundraising program. We'll help you get set up with a database that works for your budget and needs, while also making sure you're implementing best practices to keep your data clean and secure. Planning out aspects of your database such as naming conventions and tags will save you many headaches down the road.

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