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Ballot Access & Issue Petitioning Setup

  • Putting in place a strong system before you begin collecting petition signatures can save you from making huge mistakes that cost you a place on the ballot, whether you're a candidate or an organization or a PAC. We've worked with candidates and organizations up and down the ballot to ensure you've got tracking and quality control systems in place before those mistakes happen. We've never had a petitioning program not reach it's goals.

ID Program Management

  • Similar to ballot access and issue petitioning, you need a system that will help keep your campaign on track. Understanding your goals and your progress toward them sounds easy, but if your data is a mess it'll be hard for you to keep up. We'll work with you and your team to setup tracking and quality control measures to ensure your data integrity and give you confidence in the work your field team is doing. A field program can either make or break even the best campaigns.

GOTV Program Management

  • The most stressful time in any campaign is undoubtedly the last few days. However, having a plan to execute makes things run much smoother. We've been through countless GOTV operations and Election Day operations, so we understand the pitfalls and road blocks you'll need to navigate to be successful. Being able to pivot and make strategic decisions based on incoming data as you move along is key to maximizing both your budget and your people powered capacity.

Text Banking

  • While email blasts used to be on the cutting edge of reaching voters and donors, more and more texting is becoming the best way to get your message in front of the maximum number of eyes. Email blasts often have an open rate of around 10-15% and up to 35% if your list is used wisely, while texts often have an open rate over 90%. We can work within your budget to come up with a texting program that works for you, whether you're trying to drive website clicks, video views, small dollar contributions, or ID program leads.

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