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digital & direct mail

Digital Advertising & Social Media Advertising - Static, Video, & Connected TV

  • In order to get voters and donors to interact with your campaign or organization, we have to reach them where they are. Oftentimes, that’s online where they spend their time at home, on their way to work, and at work. Spending time and resources ensuring that your message is the one they're seeing is crucial for name recognition and brand building. These ads can be highly targeted and therefore can often yield even better direct results than direct mail, particularly in younger demographics. We can even match IP addresses and mobile IDs of your identified donor, voter, or other consumer data universe to ensure maximum efficiency and serve social media, banner, video, and connected TV ads to those specific voters. Over the course of the 2021 NYC election cycle, our ads outperformed voter interaction expectations by over 12%.

Video Production

  • Raven Strategies works closely with a local video team that can capture footage from events and b-roll as well as rapid response videos and other video advertisements for digital and television ad buys. We work to ensure that your ads stand out rather than looking to cookie cutter angles that candidates use over and over. Whether it’s filming in your district or in a face-to-camera setting, we can create compelling video narratives to push voters and donors to action.

Direct Mail

  • In addition to targeting an appropriate voter, donor, or other consumer data universe for each mail piece and assigning an appropriate messaging theme, our in-house designer will create unique and eye-catching images that will grab the attention of your audience and cut through the clutter as much as possible. Raven Strategies can develop direct mail plans within your overall media plan that will reflect the geography, demographics, and socioeconomic status of your universe.

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