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Press Management & Outreach

  • Having a great press strategy is one way to get your message out there without having to spend thousands of dollars on advertising or can at least be a great launching point for a targeted ad campaign. We can help you develop a plan for building relationships with key press outlets, earning media opportunities, and ensuring proper communication with the press via statements and op-eds.

Message Development

  • Everything that emanates from your campaign, nonprofit, or business should be clear, concise, and consistent. Getting a plan in place early can help you ensure you're not missing key branding points right from the start. The most successful political campaigns or targeted ad campaigns make sure everything from press to social media to printed materials all reflect the same core points to ensure your touch points are advancing your communications goals.

Audience & Voter Targeting

  • A great communications plan is only as good as the data behind it. Making sure the right message is getting to the right people at the right time is what we do. Whether it's micro-targeting a voter population for a City Council or Congressional District or targeting a specific population or geographic area for your business, we help you maximize your budget by getting your message only to the best segments.

Interview & Debate Prep

  • Slip ups in the media can be costly, but they're also preventable with the right preparation. We work with political candidates in researching your district and current events to be sure you're prepared for any question that might come your way. Through repetition and practice, we can make sure you hone your message in a way that's best for the format and help you strategize about when you need to pivot away from sticky situations.

Social Media Management

  • The fastest growing component to any successful communications planning is social media. We work with all types of candidates, organizations, and businesses to ensure you're creating engaging content that is on brand and getting out at the right time. For candidates, social media can be an amazing tool for humanizing candidates to voters. For organizations, it's a great way to highlight the work you're doing for major funders and small dollar donors alike. For businesses, it helps solidify your brand recognition and brand recall with your target audience.

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